Año: 2019

IMDB Rating: 5.0

Género: Comedy  Horror  Thriller  

Director: Glenn Payne 

Emerson Graham's nights as a cab driver are filled with annoyances and inconveniences, but until tonight, never attacks and disappearances. After picking up a mysterious passenger her evening goes from working a job to performing a quest as they must race against the clock to defeat a force of evil. The meter is running.
Elenco: Richard Speight Jr. , Casey Dillard , Glenn Payne , Mari Kenney , Maddie Ludt , Jamie Fair , Bill Luckett , Coley Bryant , Jessica Harthcock , Jennifer Hamilton Collins , Leah Hudspeth , Phillip Sword , Nicholas Roylance , Jaime Adams , Samantha McLarty , Andy Field , Caroline Upthegrove , Brent Hearn , Carlton Wall , Leigh Ann Hubbard , John McCustion , Katie D. Swann , Alexander Simpson , Marcus Cox , Laiken Warren , Marley Maharrey , Tyler Floyd , Josh Guinn .

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